Reasons to love Die Hard

25 Reasons to love Die Hard

 yippee ki yay mother russiaIn 1988 an action movie was released to rule over all subsequent modern day action movies. It starred an actor who was mildly famous for a television programme called Moonlighting opposite Cybil Shepard and got the gig because his co star got pregnant. The movie became so popular it spawned three sequels with another in post production and countless many imitators. But there is only one Diehard The Illbomb will comprise 25 Reasons to love Die Hard, but probably can provide you with more.

Diehard is awesome. And if you don’t agree then you can go suck an egg.

#25, the secret to surviving air travel


#24 location specific; its take on the east coast/west coast


#23 unorthodox movements through space.


#22 The relationship between Sergeant Al Powell and John McClane and the positive Representation of Black People in DieHard


#21: It is a Great, If Alternative Christmas Movie.



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