The Ill Bomb will try to focus on arts, film, World politics and affairs and occasionally football

The Ill Bomb is named after one of LL Cool J’s least famous hits

It derives from Afro American slang; ill meaning  good and [the] bomb meaning the best.

Why call it this?

Well all the best names had been taken.

The Ill Bomb is the brainchild of Hackney Lad and freelance journalist Marlon Dolcy. He pimps his words and thoughts  for various publications

Any other queries contact him on illbombing(AT) googlemail (DOT) com



  1. Morning!

    Just noticed that you have my site linked in your blogroll and wanted to say thanks for that. Always nice to know someone digs what I do. I hadn’t heard of your site before today, but you can count yourself one reader richer as of right now!

    Keep up the good work

    – R

    1. cheers dude yeah stumbled across your blog around two weeks ago and really liked it. i am trying my best but your words have given me real encouragement. will keep you in the link indefinatly!

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