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25 Reasons to love Die Hard/ Reason #21: It is a Great, If Alternative Christmas Movie.

When you think of Christmas movies Diehard does not necessarily spring to mind; however regardless of this assumption it is really typical of this seasonal sub genre. Smaltz is a word that has been specifically created for your average Christmas movie and its origins can be traced back to Hollywood movies of the 1940’s where […]

Is Seven Psychopaths Tarantinoesque? No (a Review)

The archetypal movie psychopath; from Hannibal Lector to Tommy De Vito to Travis Bickle and to Norman Bates are often portrayed as cool and glamorous. Psychopaths generally populate a movie to spice up the narrative, so the common spectator can live his life through the character. But the word psychopath for me seems to have […]

Movember Movie Moustaches: top six

  The Stranger the Big Lebowski The Bandit Smokey and the  Bandit LandoC larission Empire Strikes Back Sundance Kid Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Daniel Plainview There Will Be Blood Ron Burgandy Anchorman The Legend of Ron Burgandy