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25 Reasons to love Die Hard: Reason #22 the relationship between Sergeant Al Powell and John McClane and the positive representation of black people in DieHard

Now I am not saying this is a groundbreaking film in terms of race relations, but whilst watching Diehard in the 80s it was a welcome surprise that the black characters in this film are mostly positive. Think about it, the most positive black could get in the 1980s meant either Eddie Murphy or Richard […]

“Made Weak by Time and Fate, But Strong in Will” Skyfall/Blogalongbond (review)

Contains nuts…and minor spoiler alerts Daniel Craig: the Modern Bond Daniel Craig has now settled into the role of James Bond, 007 and seems to be cruising with it. he still has hang ups on colleagues touching their ears when using earpiece radios; when will they get the message? His Bond is distinctively different from […]

Russell Means

Russell Means November 10, 1939 – October 22, 2012 Means is best remembered for his role in The Last of the Mohican’s but he was much more than an actor. More importantly he was a champion for Native American rights, a cause which is often neglected in the United States.

to commemorate halloween

In response to a wonderful post from our friend: dead finks don’t blog top ten scariest scenes I have comprised a shorter list below of six to commemorate Halloween: 6. Carrie What is a dream and what is real? This is a common ploy in horror movies and this scene from DePalma’s adaption of Stephen […]