FrightFest #13 day Five/ The Possession (review)

Jewish Exorcist is a terminology that will be branded across all reviews of this film and this will be unavoidable, such is the subject matter and plot for The Possession. This isn’t helped by the director Ole Bornedal citing The Exorcist as inspiration. Having had catholic and Judaism, we await similar themed Islam, Buddhist and scientology exorcism pictures. Now I haven’t seen The Exorcist but picked up on the similarities straight away, though there are no head twisting or provocative scenes of prepubescent girls masturbating it does show the parents turning to religion as a saviour.

Therefore this is a lighter version of the film it is blatantly copying. Plagiarism aside is it actually any good? I am not sure. I was entertained; especially from possessed young girl Natasha Calis and dad Jeffrey Dean Morgan were commendable. I was shocked and frightened at various points in the movie which any self respecting horror should be proud of. And finally the special effects were astonishing. The major problem though, was that I just did not believe in the story.

Ironic you might say considering that this is a horror movie about Jewish witches and the possessed, but to clarify the plot and story was just not engaging enough and lacked any emotional attachment. What was better was the sub plot revolving around parental divorce and the effect it has on their children. If this was explored further parallel to the main plot perhaps it would have been a better movie.

Watching the trailer I was surprised to see the caption “based on a true story”; the sceptic that I am decided to do some research courtesy of Wikipedia. What I found is that there is such a thing as the Dybbuk box, which is to this film what the Ark of the Covenant is to Raiders of the Lost Ark. The above is a picture of the real life Dybbuk box which is less creepy than the movie one. Exploring a little bit further I found out that this box was actually sold on E bay and has its own little story here:

I went to Fright Fest and all I got was this lousy mug! Only joking I got more than that an ace ‘The Possession’ mug, that since its purchase, some funny things have been going on, such as moth’s getting into my kitchen when the lights get turned on. Really does anyone want to take it off my hands?


The Possession is out tomorrow


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