“There is no point in living if you can’t feel alive”/ Blogalongbond: The World is Not Enough

The World is Not Enough has the most sombre tone from all of Brosnan’s Bond outings and subsequently is the better for it, (until that is the introduction of Christmas Jones). TWINE marvellously explores themes such as Stockholm syndrome, terrorism, anarchy and oil trading with a dexterous attitude often missing in Bond films that tend to punch above its weight. The main plot strength though is making M more of an integral part of the plot than usual which was much needed in the film’s lacklustre final act.

Robert Carlyle’s anarchist does a better job of being a Bond villain than Jonathan Price did in the last Bond outing. His sneering turn as Renard; Bond’s antagonist is simultaneously sinister and sympathetic. Although the excuse that he has a bullet lodged in his brain that allows him to feel no pain, does burgeon on the science fiction side.

Even though Denise Richards is hot; those lips, breasts and whole package seem perfect for the female form created in the “classic” Weird Science movie. Unfortunately she is the weak link in a surprisingly decent Bond film. Her inclusion in the film is evidently not needed other than for dirty old men such as myself to ogle at her; whilst her acting is questionable to say the least. I am also sure that whoever the powers that be, were going for a Lara Croft look for Denise.

Sophie Marceau as Electra King on the other hand is the perfect femme fatale, admirably being the smartest tool in the box. She had me duped from the beginning, she can act a lot better than Denise and her role of being a tortured soul who is somewhat ballsy is performed well.

The pre title opening stunt set pieces are fucking amazing. The jumping off of a building outside the Guggenheim, whilst attached to a henchman for leverage is ingenious. Also the fire fight on boats with an unknown female assassin ensures the stunts are memorable. It’s a bit of a novelty to film on the river Thames incorporating different famous landmarks, but also exciting as well that such a thing could happen in boring Blighty. Now I know where Danny Boyle got the idea for his opening Olympic ceremony.



The main drawback of the film is that after three Brosnan outings, and 19 Bond films, there is no sense of urgency to take the character in a different direction. This is the SAME Bond along with all the intrinsic clichés that we have always seen since Dr No. It is still a good movie by Bond standards, but it is not doing anything new or anything that we have not seen before unlike Dalton’s two film tenure (I will stop banging the drum on that one). After all this was the era of Tony Blair’s New Labour and all we have to signify this is an amazing stunt piece over the Millennium Dome. Goldeneye self-referentially addressed this lack of moving with the times from the dinosaur speech from M, nevertheless we still have a nudge-nudge-wink sexist attitude to sex, which would not seem out of place in a Carry On movie:

The top five sexual wordplay of TWINE:


1.   Lady:

Would you like to check my figures?


I am sure they are perfectly rounded

2.   Moneypenny:

I know exactly where to put that

[Referring to a cigar]

3.   M:

 I would hate to tear you away from the affairs of the state but would you like to come in?

[referring to Bond’s tet-a-tate with Moneypenny ]

  1. Bond:

Let’s just skirt the issue shall we?

[as he unzips the doctor’s skirt]

  1. Christmas Jones:

I have to have it back or someone is going to have my ass


First things first.


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