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FrightFest #13 day Five/ The Possession (review)

Jewish Exorcist is a terminology that will be branded across all reviews of this film and this will be unavoidable, such is the subject matter and plot for The Possession. This isn’t helped by the director Ole Bornedal citing The Exorcist as inspiration. Having had catholic and Judaism, we await similar themed Islam, Buddhist and […]

FrightFest #13 Day Four/ Berberian Sound Studio (review)

The follow up to British director Peter Strickland’s impressive rape/revenge film Katalin Varga encompasses an interesting subject matter. A film set almost entirely in the confounds of a sound studio it follows a British middle aged mummy’s boy (Toby Jones) who ventures abroad to Italy, to work on the sound of a post production film. […]

Tony Scott R.I.P.

21 June 1944 – 19 August 2012 Director of films: Top Gun The Last Boy Scout True Romance Crimson Tide Man On Fire Beverley Hills Cop  II Enemy Of the State …and younger brother to Ridley Scott

The Jason Bourne Sprint: The Bourne Ultimatum

Jason Bourne’s last confirmed location was Moscow Russia where he went to seek repentance from the daughter of his first target. Having been wounded by Kirill in the previous film he goes into hiding (again!), but is forced to come out of retirement (again!), because of an investigative article in The Guardian by Simon Ross […]

The Jason Bourne sprint: The Bourne Supremacy

‘This is not drill soldier’ The second instalment starts with rapid inconceivable flash backs and various sounds; inter-textually from the mind of Jason Bourne, but outer-textually from new director Paul Greengrass. Original director Doug Liman got shafted because he was, as he himself confessed ‘difficult to work with’.  But even though the studios had had […]

Introduction to The Jason Bourne sprint: The Bourne Identity

Introduction: Just around the corner will be the UK premiere of The Bourne Legacy which is out on the 13th. Minus Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon, I have mixed feelings about whether Legacy will live up to the expectations left by the previous trinity of awesome films. The trilogy ended almost perfectly, but because of […]

In Defence of Seth Macfarlane (a review of Ted).

This is a response to a post This child is fat, and other jokes by Seth MacFarlane by Charlie Lynne from his highly influential and irreverent Ultra Culture blog. It was a well put argument that made some extremely valid points yet somehow I found myself disagreeing with the majority of what was said. I […]