LWLies midnight double bill cover: The Innkeepers (reblogged review) and The Raid

I finally went to see The Raid today but rather than bore you with an Illbomb verdict, why don’t you pop over to either here, here or here.

With all the exposure that The Raid has got in the UK, it is kind of refreshing that Little White Lies’ May/June cover feature should include a little slow burn horror movie called The Innkeepers for its cover (which to conclude is one of the best designed covers they have ever produced ) . You see The Raid was something critics have been raving about for yonks before its release giving it hype, buzz and enough awareness for its titular release on May 18th of last month. The Innkeepers on the other hand, has received next to nothing. Does this mean that The Innkeepers is not worthy of the same amount of praise or worship? Or does it mean that film critics are disproportionate with their judgement? I vote for the latter. Therefore in order to do my bit to level the playing fields, I am going to go to the top of the mountain and shout for everyone to go watch The Innkeepers when it comes to UK cinemas this Friday.

Why? Because The Innkeepers is fucking awesome and it is up to the Illbomb (and Little White Lies) to make sure that you get this into your thick skull. Below is a reblog of my criticism of the film having watched it last summer at Film 4’s Frightfest , enjoy and go see it when it comes out this Friday

The Illbomb The Innkeepers review from September 2011


Claire (Sara Paxton) and Luke (Pat Healy) are the bored and restless employees of the soon to be closing Yankee Pedlar Inn. They are determined during its final closing weekend to uncover the truth of its dark secret and more importantly get proof that paranormal life exists. As the Inn’s final days draw to a close and as odd guests check in (Kelly McGillis from Top Gun and Witness!), the pair of amateur ghostbusters encounter increasingly more disturbing events.


It is extremely hard to find a comparison to the type of film this is, guaranteeing that West clearly has a distinctive voice within film making. You could say that it’s Clerks meets The Shining, because on the one hand it is a witty slacker-esque comedy, while on the other a sinister ghost story. But I would rather not bore you with this cross referenced hyperbole. The premise is entirely simple, the setting economic, and the actors minimal but yet it is West’s method of pushing the plot along at a snail’s pace that really breaks the mould. To do this and remain engaging while deliberately being leisurely is a fantastic achievement especially considering the genre it exists in. As a result when the shocks come, they come unexpectedly rather than a familiar beat and has you doubting whether there is anything going on at all.

Above all this is a character driven film and all the actors are more than adept at handling the material. Pat Healy plays his character with wit, verve and intelligence. Kelly McGillis’s psychic television actress is played with steel and eeriness. The true revelation is Sara Paxton as the kooky slacker Claire. She does a brilliant job as the lead, helping to carry the film with bundles of nervous energy and charm and if I were ever stuck in a haunted hotel I would definitely want to have her for company.



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