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Blogalongabond Tomorrow Never Dies (sponsored by BMW)

Trying to recall Pierce Brosnan’s second stint as Bond was difficult. After Goldeneye all the rest of Brosnan’s Bond films seemed too much alike to me and are all one big blur. Is this the one with Halle Berry? No that’s another one with “die” in the title. However re-watching it I had found that […]

Nora Ephron rest in peace…May 19, 1941- June 26, 2012

On June 26, 2012, Nora  Ephron died from pneumonia, a complication resulting from acute myeloid leukaemia. Ephron had led a colourful life, she had worked as an intern in the white house during John F. Kennedy’s presidency. Before her venture into movies she formed a successful career as a journalist writing for the American magazine […]

The non serious crime of TV Shack and the fight to stop the extradition of Richard O’Dwyer

James Wales, founder of Wikipedia has committed his support against the extradition of British student Richard O’ Dwyer to the US by starting a petition according to the BBC news website. Firstly let us analyse Britain’s special relationship with the United States. The United States and the United Kingdom both share a common history, language, […]

25 Reasons to love Die Hard: Reason #25, the secret to surviving air travel

This is a new feature of the Illbomb. Maybe I shall publish it as a book. I will break it down for you: So once a month during the course of two years and a bit, I will post one reason why Die hard is a classic to compile a worthwhile series entitled “25 reasons […]

LWLies midnight double bill cover: The Innkeepers (reblogged review) and The Raid

I finally went to see The Raid today but rather than bore you with an Illbomb verdict, why don’t you pop over to either here, here or here. With all the exposure that The Raid has got in the UK, it is kind of refreshing that Little White Lies’ May/June cover feature should include a […]