Bullet Point Review for Avengers Assemble

the origianl line up of avengers, note the yellow c3po thing…that is iron man

Charlie Brooker: It’s as good as superhero films are ever likely to get, which is excellent news because they can stop making them now

As a young boy and repressed geek, I used to read comics and the Avengers were far from my favourite superhero team. The X men and Fantastic Four seemed more original to me and I was unconcerned with reading about an elite superhero group in the mould of the Justice League of America. To me it seemed like one big plot loophole that the creators did not give a concern to provide explanations. How can the Hulk and Thor work as part of a team against a common enemy even though the Hulk is a fugitive, and Thor has other worldly matters to attend to?  In the Justice League how can Batman work with Superman even though Batman exists in a world without magic and Superman does? Anyway as I grew up and lost interest in literary art watching these comics finally come to the screen was disappointing. The Fantastic Four films  were made without none of the pathos of the comic books (comic books are able to achieve this), and the  Xmen films were without the individualisms or costumes. Fuck Hugh Jackman, but Sir Ian was the saving grace. Anyway I wasn’t a fan of the Avengers so expectations were pretty low before going to watch film. Good thing as well; reading the bullet points below you will find out why…

Bullet point review of Avengers Assemble

  • It is not a masterpiece, but it is incredibly fun.
  • The title is not as good as the film
  • There is more humour in The Avengers Assemble than action or special effects
  • Mark Ruffalo’s The Incredible Hulk is the best screen adaption of the comic book character by far
  • His Bruce Banner Jeckle-and-Hyde-alter ego is acted like Peter Falk’s lieutenant Columbo
  • So far everything Joss Whedon touches is gold

  • The plot is dumb but still engaging and has you on the edge of your seat
  • The film’s main selling point is giving adequate time to each Avenger to develop and showcase their personalities appropriately. This is done well at a leisurely pace.

  • Agent Coulson’s homoerotic fan-boy love for Captain America is touching
  • The. Avengers spend most of their time fighting and bickering amongst each other than fighting the common enemy.
  • Tom Hiddleston as Loki does a great impersonation of Hannibal Lector, and is the best thing in the film
  • Joss Whedon’s Avengers Assemble does more for superhero unity than the X –men and Fantastic  Four movies combined.

  • The film carefully continues and expands on plot lines and characters of past films and other media; Tony Stark/Ironman is a maverick playboy who follows his own rules, Captain America is the tortured noble soldier who follows orders, Thor is an almighty demigod who is above the rest, Bruce Banners’ passive personality is his way with containing the Hulk, Nick Fury is authoritative and the Black Widow portrays an icy exterior that is difficult to penetrate.
  • the black widow is not going to put a smile on a feminist face but was a decent portrayal of a woman in this sort of genre and I will be the first to coin the term the Whedon woman (see buffy the vampire slayer)



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