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Blogalongabond 17 (and 16): Goldeneye and Blogalongbond April catch-up of Licence to Kill

Firstly as April was a super busy time and I was unable to do BlogalongBond, this month is a two parter catch up. Yes I could have easily just forgotten about April and continued with May, but such is the importance of April’s featured Bond film that this was just unthinkable. So I had to do […]

Review of Moonrise Kingdom and The top 10 Wes Anderson Characters

As a Wes Anderson cheerleader and to tie in with the release of Moonrise Kingdom  which was released last Friday I have composed a top 10 of his best ever characters from his films. I believe that Anderson sits amongst modern directors as a true auteur alongside modern visionaries as Daren Aronofsky, Paul Thomas Anderson […]

Bullet Point Review for Avengers Assemble

Charlie Brooker: It’s as good as superhero films are ever likely to get, which is excellent news because they can stop making them now As a young boy and repressed geek, I used to read comics and the Avengers were far from my favourite superhero team. The X men and Fantastic Four seemed more original […]