The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and cinema demographics.

Cinema Demographics

In today’s G2 section of The Guardian, David Cox wrote an interesting piece about how older viewers are rescuing cinema.  Cox claims that a third of forthcoming Hollywood productions are being tailored for an older audience. This is a pretty large output, but for an increasingly large ageing population this makes sense. Yet if cinema-going is stereotypically for young adolescents and couples on a date, then how come the biddies have gate-crashed the party? My theory is how expensive going to the cinema has actually become. The youth of today are more than adept at illegally downloading movies and risking the wrath of the FBI than the elderly with disposable incomes and much more time on their hands. Hollywood and much of the film industry in general has been patronising its audience for decades, with sequels, franchises violence and big explosions. Selling us the same thing but marketing it as something different has earned them big bucks, although they are less to blame than the people who give them money. So grown up films like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy or The Artist according to Cox have become successful not just on the merit of the pictures themselves but on the merit of its audience.

And so to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a film unashamedly made for people of a certain age, about people finding a new lease of life in their twilight years and featuring over fifty actors such as Dame, Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith and Tom Wilkinson. The number one U. K box office hit deceptively appears to be for an older demographic but looking at an advert (pictured above) in Wednesday’s Metro, could most and David Cox in particular appear to be wrong? Quotes include Rose’s who is 17 and from Bolton and her comment that she could “watch it again and again”. Sarah from St. Albans is 19 and claims that the movie is “absolutely brilliant in every way”.  Emma, 25, Norwich, simply says “Superb”, David, 28, London claims “Laugh out loud funny”, Lorenzo, 23 London states “Absolutely fantastic” and Zarina, 28 from London declares that it is “Incredibly funny” and that she “absolutely adored this film!” . Whether these are real people or not, (if so could the said party email me) the poster’s ingenious decision to include the ages of their ‘cheerleaders’ is either ingenious or a little bit insecure on their part.



  1. Sam Fragoso · · Reply

    This film looks like a sweet film – definitely for those of an older age.

    But there’s nothing really wrong with that. It’s made for the elderly and will subsequently please them.

    Glad you have you around the LAMB. Keep up the good work.

    1. it is doing remarkably well considering its subject matter, but like you said there is nothing wrong with that. the reviews of it have also been encouraging and i always enjoy dench and celia imrie who are first rate actors. thank you for reading and the words of encouragement

  2. nevertooearlymp · · Reply

    I’ve been looking forward to when this one opens in the states. I can definitely see from a box office standpoint how the ages may come off as a bit insecure, but when I sit back and think about it, there aren’t a whole lot of films that could do this on their advertising. I mean, American Reunion or Transformers isn’t going to be able to find that many 80 or 90 year olds clamoring be part of their advertising. (Although in fairness, they would only need to find one or two in order to “represent” on the poster! Hahaha)

    1. yup its a decent film i am sure you will enjoy it

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