Twickenham studios goes into administration

Although I am around five days late with this story I only managed to pick up on it today. Rachel Bishop from the Richmond and Twickenham Times has revealed that Twickenham studios will be sold after going into administration.  My knowledge of British film studios extends to Pinewood, Shepperton, Elstree and Ealing, and I vaguely acknowledged Twickenham studios. Doing some research I have found out that  Twickenham studios has been in the game for a long while (99 years) and produced some pretty bad ass movies, some of which are among my favourites. Up until recently it has been involved with films such as My Week With Marilyn, War Horse  and The Iron Lady which were all Bafta/Oscar winners and nominees.

As a traditionalist and a stickler for most things institutional and old ( Bruce Forsyth fuck yeah!) this has come as sad news even though I was so 2000 and late in hearing about this. So the studio is being sold and from the reports it is highly unlikely that it will continue as a film studio. It will probably be turned into something soul destroying-ly corporate, like a big ass Westfield (like two isn’t enough!). An incredible loss to the British film industry, the impending tragedy is best expressed by Rupert Lloyd Parry who worked as a photographer on My Week with Marilyn and The Iron Lady:

I do think it’s a great shame Twickenham is to close, I understand present day economics might make the site very attractive to developers but whilst parking was always a nightmare, Twickenham Studios made a substantial contribution to the British film industry and I think for those of us that worked there it will be a great loss culturally, especially at a time when the film industry appears to be dusting itself off and looking forward to another successful year.

The golden age of the studios was undoubtedly the 1960’s with some real swinging london masterpieces,  below are 5 films that were filmed at Twickenham, just to show you how important this studio was:

A Hard Day’s Night




An American Werefolf In London


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