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The Illbomb guide to the 84th academy award Oscars…

Fuck the underdog, go with the favourite Pardon my French. Everyone loved The Ar Advertisements

The late, late, late review of the excellent Martha Macy May Marlene

“Fear is the most amazing emotion of all because it creates complete awareness”– the very sinister Patrick (played by John Hawkes)

Bafta’s and Adam Deacon

A lesson in Triumphant Film PR, courtesy of The Artist.

How can an obscure art film, made for $15 million, shot in black and white and without any stars or dialogue have become so successful? The Artist has either featured in or topped many top ten lists of best movies of 2011, and with the added bonus of being nominated for 10 Oscars (going head […]

We’ll always have Paris

The point of re-releasing films lie on the basis of improving on; giving a different perspective of the movie or in the case of Casablanca: to celebrate its 70 year anniversary. The purpose of re-releasing a movie that was first released during the Second World War is hard to justify, especially considering that it was aired […]

Ben Gazzara Obituary

Ben Gazzara (Biagio Anthony Gazzara), actor, born 28 August 1930; died 3 February 2012 Last week saw the death of acclaimed actor Ben Gazzara whose film, stage and television career spanned six decades. He has died aged 81 of pancreatic cancer after having been diagnosed with throat cancer in 1999.