Four Films to get Excited about so far…

The internet is getting excited about films such as the Dark Knight Rises, the Spiderman reeboot, and The Avengers movie, basically superhero-fan-boy-enterprises that has seemed to dominate cinema for the past ten years or so. Films of this ilk, are not though floating my boat. That is not to say that I will not watch these films  when they come out or at a later date (or when they are free to illegally download- only joking Piracy is wrong!), but I will not  be in rush to watch these types of movies which are part of a franchise of which I have seen a million times before.

Judging from my top four list it would appear that dumb comedy is my staple for 2012

1. Chronicle: (1st February)

So this trailer has been around for a while and I am a little psyched by it. First off the selling point is the trailer which shifts from teen comedy, to superhero then to horror genre expectation. The story is also an interesting premise about three high school friends who gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery.Then they find themselves spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides. This reminds me of films such as Firestarter, not a great movie but it’s unusual mix of sci fi and horror is appealing. Final selling point is that it has a grown-up Wallace in it, and for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, this is a reference to the African American in it  who also played an important and heartfelt role in season one of the Wire. (TO D’ANGELO: WALLACE IS HERE YOU CAN STOP LOOKING). The only reservation is that director Josh Tank is relatively unknown and has not done anything of note that I am aware of. Still in the Cloverfield vein this looks amazing

2. Casa Di Mi Padre: (release date?)

Okay do we really need a pre-Apatow-frat pack player star vehicle dumb comedy in the cinema? I’m not sure if that last sentence made sense but you get the point. These types of comedies, with this type of comedian (Will Ferrell) has been open for a wide number of negative criticism for a while now, but among the supposed misogyny or homophobic accusations aimed at dumb comedy I disagree with this analysis when it comes to Ferrell. Ferrell has just surpassed that stage where after the success of his comedy efforts, he has dabbled in being a serious actor, this film appears to be his comedy come back in both a literal and figurative sense. It looks good because I believe that it is brave to film a comedy in a language other than English, and  it would also be interesting to see Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal do this type of comedy. Let us just hope that it is no Nacho Libre

3. The Dictator: (18th May)

Larry Charles and Sacha Baron Cohen expert provocateurs of the mockumentary having already successfully teamed up for both Bruno and Borat, attacking and commenting on both America’s racism and homophobia with comedy. With both the death of Osama bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi last year, this comedy is fresh and of the moment in much the same way Chaplin’s The Great Dictator was on the outbreak of Hitler’s invasion of Poland.  This character seems to be a mash up of both Hussein and Gaddaffi and the trailer is hilaaarious as I’m sure you will agree.

4. Young Adult: (3rd February)

As a director Jason Reitman has not put a foot wrong so far. I lie? Ahem, let us list the quality movies that he has thus far done: Thank you for Smoking, Juno, Up in the Air.  This has been enough to impress me. So his latest effort collaborated with writer Diablo Cody (of Juno screenwriting fame).  The first scene (0:09-o:24) is funny and watching Charlize Theron dressing down and acting (as she did in Monster) as opposed to appearing in self indulgent eu de toilet adverts will obviously be refreshing. I like Reitman as a director because his films walk a thin line between comedy and sadness and isn’t that what life is about?



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