The best thing about X-Men First Class?

Having finally gone to see X-men First class, persuaded by some positive blog reviews I was surprised by how godawful the whole film was. Fassbander’s James Bond audition was truly annoying and his hands in the air portrayal of Magneto was in no way a match for the sinisterness of Sir Ian McEllen. James McAvoy was pretty annoying too in that Private schoolboy privaleged sort of way. The most terrible part of the movie though has to be the origanal source music. I haven’t bothered to find out who made the score but rest assured the impersario overdid it with the creshendos and what not.  A total waste of money and waste of time which was devoid of any artistic talent.

However though I didn’t like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, his 23 second cameo in the film was the only time I laughed which is why he has won the award for best thing in the whole of First Class: congrats!!!

(watch it before it gets removed)



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