Olly Moss Pop Culture Minimilism

The Illbomb first showcased Olly Moss’ work for his poster for the film Source Code. We liked his work back then which is why we are giving him another big up for the hell of it.

The British graphic designer’s focus on popular artistic minimalism has earned him many admirers and his recent Los Angeles show has only enhanced his popularity. ‘Paper Cuts’ at the 1988 gallery; Los Angeles was Moss’s debut show, featuring over 300 scrupulously crafted silhouettes of popular icons from movies, cartoons and computer games. Featuring his trademark method of stripping down the picture, to creatively show his interpretation of the image he wants to convey, this new work is the quintessence of why his artwork has become so popular across the art blogs.

The Simpsons is easily replicated in Moss’ distinctive style, as is John McLane in Die Hard represented by a piece of shattered glass and 5 Reservoir Dogs men in suits, conveniently colour coded (see below, last bottom).

To see more work from Olly Moss’ ‘Paper Cuts’ check out:





  1. Love these!

    1. The Illbomb · · Reply

      They are brilliant aren’t they? In the end there was so many great pictures to choose from it was tough only choosing five pictures to publish! My favourite is the Reservoir Dogs one. You should check out more his stuff on the Reelizer: http://www.reelizer.com/tag/olly-moss/

      Thanks for stopping by.

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