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Adjustment Bureau by Matt Needle

The controversy over the recent Adjustment Bureau film poster (Blogging Emily Blunt, Leg, dragging etc) has raised the question on who should be in charge of producing movie posters for upcoming releases? The studios or the movie going creatives?

The Dark Knight By Shop Reworking Titles

Well perhaps it is just I who has raised such a  question. However if the general public are sick of the sub standard aesthetic of movie posters then going to the may renew their faith in movie posters as a form of art.

Reworking movie posters is not something new but the Reelizer does an excellant job of collecting a large group of talented artists to provide alternative poster version of films.

The good thing about this site is that along with the old and classic movies depicted in poster format, it also includes versions for the more recent and even not released films that are out there. Therefore the likes of the King’s Speech, Black Swan and Cowboys and Aliens sit alongside films such as Rear Window, and Taxi Driver.

North By NorthWest by Jeff Kleinsmith

An observation of note is that there are certain favourites when it comes to making expressing the contents of a movie. The King’s Speech, The Social Network, The Thing and Hitchcock movies seem to be really popular. The works are also a variation of either minimilast, comic book illustrative with each artist bringing their distinctive style to the proceedings.

On the otherhand there are good poster versions of very obscure or not even that great films. Rounders is given the light of day by Jesse Brais. While Dylan Todd exposes his passion for the obscure, with his versions of Devilfish, Hercules Against the Moonmen, Blackula, Cave Dwellers and Batman versus Dracula.

With such posterwork the studios would 100% ensure that their films will be watched.

You can view the all artwork, browse artists or even submit your own artwork at

The Social Network by Dean Walton

Maniac Cop 2 by Jason Edmiston

Carrie by Laz Marquez

Black Swan by Massimo Carnevale

The Shining by Ben Whitesell

The Big Lebowski: Travis Pric

Reservoir Dogs by Omar Hauksson

The Warriors Chris Sanchez


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