Paperchap: Idle drawings of a regular commuter

The Real Rupert Murdoch

The constraints of disposable time often occur whilst travelling, and normally when commuting to work on either the tube, train or a bus. The mundane endurance of travelling can be sedated by accessories such as a good book, newspaper, Ipod or Ipad to stifle the effects of becoming brain dead. Much like the student that finds a better way to make use of his time through doodling in a boring lesson by “Mr Yawn”, the appropriately titled “Paper Chap” has discovered a valuable artistic niche by altering the aesthetic of found newspaper images.

Behind the scenes at the Fat Duck

Considerably better than just adding a moustache, spectacles or blacking out teeth, Paperchap scours the newspaper for images, draws on them, and instantaneously makes the images his own. This is achieved almost every day on the train as he commutes to and from work; from Shoreham by Sea to Victoria. The resultant images are often satirical and almost certainly an improvement on the original. His portfolio includes the footballer Cesc Fabregas as an Angel, Rupert Murdoch as a brain probing alien and Colonel Gaddaffi as Tom Jones in all his illustrative glory.  To view the complete works of paper chap go to

It is Unusual

I shot some short question for the artist; his response is listed below:

By day I work as creative director for an experiential agency in London. I also create art under the pseudonym Starchild (

I sell with,,,, and others)

my train journey is 80 minutes each way (so I do it twice a day)

My drawings are all kept in an album which I hope to do something with at some point (exhibit, publish , any suggestions welcome)

I started the project in January- first day back at work- I’ve reached 50 drawings (10 weeks worth) and because I’m so tired by the weekend I don’t have time for many other art projects, so this seemed like a good way of spending idle time and keeping up the personal creative work in the process and sharing it with the world. I’ve already started a dialogue with other creative commuters and there may be a bigger idea coming to the web in the future

As I buy the guardian every day I tend to draw on it. I do have a choice  of course, but for some reason I’ve tended to stick to the Guardian. The Daily Mail makes me too angry and I want the work to stay personal and not get too political. I’m on holiday in Morocco in April, I may carry on with a Moroccan paper.

My art is spontaneous. I get a seat on the train and go through the paper and supplements, find a suitable picture, and get going. Brain in neutral, headphones on.

To view more of paperchap’s work go to



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    Very good, inspiring for current university project

    1. hello ben, thank you for reading and i am glad that you were inspired although mr mistry is the one who has done the inspiring! hope you’ve checked out his blog he has some more great images. hope your university project goes well. all the best

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