Anne Lobert Interview at Don’t Panic

Annie Lobert is founder and president of the non profit organisation “Hookers 4 Jesus”, an outreach programme which helps women out of prostitution and exploitation in the sex industry. A former prostitute herself, she had strict and hardline views on the sex industry. Below is a snippet of of a question and answer between Annie and me from Don’t Panic:

Do you feel that there is any way to be employed within the pornography industry as a legitimate way to earn a living and/or fund education or family?

You might make the money for your family to go to college and provide a home, and even be a law-abiding tax paying citizen – but the price that you will pay is a very high one of emotional and physical and psychological abuse/distress. Porn is just another form of prostitution, the only difference is that you are being filmed for the act. No one respects porn stars, here today and gone tomorrow, and once you are too old and “used up”, your job security diminishes severely.

Read the rest of my interview with Annie is @Don’t Panic


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