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Cinema Posters by

Adjustment Bureau by Matt Needle The controversy over the recent Adjustment Bureau film poster (Blogging Emily Blunt, Leg, dragging etc) has raised the question on who should be in charge of producing movie posters for upcoming releases? The studios or the movie going creatives? The Dark Knight By Shop Reworking Titles Well perhaps it is […]

Elizabeth Taylor passes away

Elizabeth Taylor (February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011) Dame Elizabeth Taylor may be remembered for a number of things; such as the number of husbands she had, her tempestuous relationship with the actor Richard Burton, or even her bizarre relationship with Michael Jackson.

Paperchap: Idle drawings of a regular commuter

The Real Rupert Murdoch The constraints of disposable time often occur whilst travelling, and normally when commuting to work on either the tube, train or a bus. The mundane endurance of travelling can be sedated by accessories such as a good book, newspaper, Ipod or Ipad to stifle the effects of becoming brain dead.

Favela at the Signal Gallery

Attending Jonathan Darby’s solo show at the Signal gallery last week reminded me of the Movie City of God. This clichéd perspective of the living conditions of a Brazilian slum was fuelled by how the gallery was set up to resemble your “typical” Rio favela by decorating the environment as such.

Snoop Pearson: Life immitating art Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, the actress who played a killer in the television series the Wire was among 60 people arrested in a drugs sweep in Baltimore, Maryland. The police declined to say what charges she would face. Felicia played Snoop, the lesbian enforcer and hit girl of a drugs organisation in Baltimore, whose acts […]

Japan Earthquake

Words cannot describe the images been broadcast in the news about the Japan earthquake. Watching someone’s home burst into flames and  float away, a cargo ship turn over on its side and  from a vantage point an image that looks like buckets of black paint is being poured over farmland, does not quite seem rooted […]

Jailbreak: Banksy [and me] help free Russian Art Group Voina

Dick captured by KGB – An enormous penis on a drawbridge in St Petersburg. It is opposite city headquarters of the FSB (ex-KGB) “They can do what they like with the penis – we don’t have copyright.” Leonid Nikolayev (Voina Art Group) My Interview with Voina: Last December I did an interview with the […]