Jason Mecier’s Trash Art

Ru Paul by Jason Mecier

There is a joke based somewhat on reality, about a cleaner in an art gallery throwing away what he/she thinks is rubbish when in actual fact is piece of art worth millions of dollars. Rubbish as art is not an entirely new concept, but ways in which to incorporate it into the wider aesthetic is something worth thinking about. This is what Jason Mecier has done with quite striking results.

Jason’s Trash-Can imagery has been made over the process of 10 years, by collecting items from celebrities such as make up, gum wrappers, deodorant and in Tina Fey’s case condoms. He uses these found discarded items to create 3-D mosaic portraitures of his favourite celebrities, which include Donald Trump, Farrah Fawcett, Ru Paul, Heidi Fleiss, Phyllis Diller and Mary-Louise Parker amongst many others.

Andy Warhol and  two details

From a very young age Jason was attracted to celebrities and celebrity culture; obsessively taking pictures from the TV Guide of his favourite TV shows to put into his scrapbook. In High school he did pencil drawings of his favourite record covers such as The Rolling Stones and Olivia Newton-John, and he did a series of psychedelic collages using Charlie’s Angels trading cards and a picture of Florence Henderson.

Jason’s work has been featured in the Ripley’s Believe it or Not book Prepare to be Shocked! and Taschen’s Illustration Now! His clients include Wrigley’s, Ford, Corona, MTV, Entertainment Weekly and The New York Times.

Barack Obama

Having no formal art training his initial mentor was his grandmother. Mesmerized by her paintings, weavings, mosaics and stained glass work, his grandma would often set him up on a nearby table with a project of his own to work on. She would encourage him to create works readily available to him, and she would readily paint on the back of a cigarette cartons than buy a canvass.  He told us that “I learnt from her that I could paint on anything I want to and that there are no rules.”

Tina Fey and detail

The materials which make its way into his art come from a variety of different sources. Today much of it is gifted from family, friends and the celebrities themselves. For example Phyllis Diller sends him a small box every few months filled with objects such as pinecones, dried up paints, jewelry and anti-itch ointments. Pamela Anderson has sent him a bag of her laundry and Paris Hilton sent him a letter from prison.

Stevie Nicks and detail

You can catch his work on his website


His latest exhibition will be at Glamorama from February 6th till April 2nd


To buy or commission works email Jason for a quote



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